Monday, April 19, 2010


OK...  I'm going to write about something thats been on my mind.  And well... lets not beat around the bush.  Lets go right to my list fetish and knock this post out because I'm tired and want to go to sleepy time.

1)  I truly love and appreciate all twelve of my wonderful followers.  You all inspire me with your posts and keep me on my toes with your comments and I'm grateful for each and every one of you.

2)  I went from 0 to 12 in a relatively short amount of time and was pretty psyched because, in blog land, the days you get comments are like Easter.  And the days you get followers are like straight up CHRISTMAS!

3)  I've got chocolate bunnies and pastel eggs up the ying yang but no Christmas presents in a very very long time.

4)  I'm not beyond looking at myself first.  Could it be?  Am I flawed?  Am I (whisper) boring?  What, oh what's a girl to do?

5)  So I ask two questions of you lovelies:
     i.  What the deuce do you chickadizzles want to read about?
    ii.  If I strap on some leather and hooker boots will you pimp me on your pages?  Will you INSIST that if
        your readers love you they will love your friend Miranda just the same?  I swear you can trust me with
        them.  I'll treat them very very nice.

6)    If you'll be so kind as pimp out this blog-ho I'll even get all proper and buy you a drink (aka a giftcard to somewhere you fancy a sip!)

Well... I've done my shameful dirty deed of the night and these hooker heels are killing my feet so I'm gonna go disinfect myself and sulk my way into sleepland.  Good night!


  1. best way to build a yourself completely,be honest...write daily...and comment on others blogs.
    Best way to spread YOU.

  2. I'll pimp ya lover. ;) I'm going to do a post at some point soon where I pimp unabashedly. I post daily, I'm on 20somethingbloggers (and commenting like a fiend) and I don't go a day without mentioning my blog to SOMEONE. I think I get a lot of my followers from commenting on other blogs. Loves ya!!

  3. yes... I will pimp you... soon... I agree comments and followers are like the best thing ever... I love writing and I love knowing that people get me... you should write about the things that make you happy, things that piss you off, things that you are passionate about.... write about whatever is on your mind.... and keep it real at all times .... do that and you'll never ever go wrong.

  4. You are far from boring. :) In fact, I look forward to your posts very much! Bango Jango!

    I am having the same issues. Though I comment on 20SB and on other's blogs and I STILL can't seem to get any followers. I'm sure my FB friends are just sick and tired of my blasting my blog at them....I don't think it's helping anyways. I would pimp you on my page, but I don't think many would come around to read it! I guess I'm boring. Wait, when did this become a pity party for me??


    <3 Becca

  5. I just found you and am happy to follow along. I can't always promise comments... I am a sporadic commenter. I read, feel, think then get finger-tied and I can't make the interface between my brain and my keyboard so I stand mute.

    I adore my followers and I squeee! every time a new one decides to hitch on and hang out. :D

  6. The best way to build up your following is to follow the people who follow you. Leave insightful comments on their blogs. I've picked up several followers because I left thoughtful comments and it inspired people to drop in on my page. I pimp the people who follow me all of the time. In fact, my current blog is showcasing five people right now.... Of course, I am about to write something today, so I mean yesterday's blog...

  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Ass properly kicked. Now if I could just remove my head from there I'd take this little blog straight to the moon by following all of your advice. Soon my lovers... soon.

    And Ice Queen (I'm not sure if you're cold, like diamonds or meth but I like your name :) Welcome to this little land. Its kinda like Wonka but without chocolate and orange midgets.