Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ok so I've got a few things to write about, none of them related... so I'll do my best to weave this post and you just hang tight ok? 

First and foremost HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms in the bloggerhood.  I could write a whole post about moms and what my mom means to me (and probably will)... but I'll just say thisfor now:  There is absolutely no love like that of a mom.  Even if she is not the most affectionate, even if you don't always agree with her, even if she was somewhat overprotective...  I don't know about you but she is one of the only constants in my world and that means more than anything. 

That being said, my goal in giving gifts is typically to do one of two things:

1) Make the recipient cry
2) Make the recipient laugh so hard they pee a little
 (There is a bonus #3 and that is to make them do both and takes a Midas touch)

So I gave mom this filled with the photos below from my wedding day.  She cried.  SUCCESS!  Marvel... go ahead... marvel...

Mom hugging Dennis...

Mom straightening my dress...

Mom and I...

So that was that. 

Next I need to apologize for flaking out on my newborn blog topic "Garage Sale Saturdays."  Its been three weeks since I went into hard labor and birthed this idea... And three weeks since I've posted any gems.  Truth be told, last Saturday I skipped town with a friend for the night and I didn't even garage sale while I was skipping... Not cool at all.

This Saturday we had to go to a wedding and in true Miranda style we walked in JUST before the ceremony began so there was definitely no time to go treasure hunting.  I swear I'll post some finds next weekend :)

And while we're on failures...   a very long time ago I posted about my love and adoration for PostSecret.  My goal was to introduce Secret Sundays where I would share my favorite post from the day.  Well....  I'll give you one guess.  YEP I effed it up too.  So without further adieu I dig way way back into the promise box and grace you with.......................  SECRET SUNDAY (AGAIN BUT STILL REALLY COOL!) !!!!

Todays favorite secret is...

Boy oh boy.. .  I've had these exact same worries.  When my husband and I moved I was TERRIFIED that someone was going to attempt to carry in and drop the black and white Peter Beaton box full of everything you can imagine.  This box has made me so nervous in the past that you'd swear it also held a play by play of each and every experience that went along with the items inside.  Yikes...

It also reminds me of my mom saying to always shave your legs because "What if you got in a car accident and they had to remove your pants?"  Well mom, then they'd see some hairy effing legs and they'd definitely be dissuaded from doing bad things to me while I was unconscious and concussed.  So there you have it oh smart matronly woman... I have in fact surpassed your level of smarts and trickery.  Take THAT!

Alright, enough rambling for the night.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I can't wait to make my rounds tomorrow and see what you've all been up to.  Night!


  1. lol. I don't have any sex bad is that?!! Pretty bad.

  2. that's funny, my mom used to say something very similar about leg-shaving, too.

  3. Well my toys are in baskets and yeah. I've double boxed them before. :) OMG Cmoursler--no sex toys? Big SADS. I think we should all chip in to get her one. No girl should be without a vibrator. Ever.

  4. LOL, Sara!

    Those photos of you and your mother are beautiful. :) I'm glad she liked it!!

  5. Chris - WARNING you've set off an alarm with Sara. Expect to be walked through this process of sexual freedom by her highness.

    Mixtape - Mom's are cool like that. They have a way of making us fear for our life when all we really risk is a little dignity ha!

    Sara - (shaking head) I am not surprised... Please see my warning above. And I'll have you both know I've taken no less than 4 friends for their first vibrator purchase.

    Mama - Thanks so much! It was really fun picking them out :)