Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello all.

With the unofficial end of summer next weekend I thought I'd do a little update on some of what has kept me from blogging my fingers off these last couple of months.

First off and completely lame - WORK.  Yep.  More than my boss or coworkers can even imagine work has weighed heavily on my mind the last couple months.  We had some staffing changes that required I step up into a new position, one that requires special training/schooling in most forums but yours truly jumped in head first and is learning learning learning.

While I love the experience I cannot begin to explain my frustration with everything.  I have felt as if the expectations and timeframe in which I've been expected to learn so much information is fairly unrealistic.  And the hardest part is that its ESSENTIAL that I learn quickly for the sake of the business but its simply NOT how I learn and not how I function.  I can't change that so its been a bigger battle than most realize.

I also had an opportunity to interview for a job that would put me back into the business I love - event planning... Errr... Wellll... Kind of.  There is a new banquet facility opening up in an up and coming neighborhood that is looking for an event sales coordinator.  It would consist primarily of meeting with potential clients, booking events, and coordinating the various events in the multiple banquet rooms of this very large facility.  While my true end goal is to be an independent event coordinator doing the more "cosmetic" coordinating, and less sales, this would be an excellent opportunity and put me back in the event industry.  It would also be exciting to be a part of the revitalization of the city that is working hard to rebuild its downtown to bring in upscale business. 

As for the personal life, well its been hit and miss this summer.  Last summer was function after function, reading on the deck, etc.  This summer I'm hardly home but don't feel as if I've had the fun to show for it.  We did have a hell of a good time at the Kid Rock concert a couple of weeks ago.  It was a party of epic proportions that you honestly had to be there to understand.  The day kicked off with partying in the VIP lot and peeing in someones RV that was full of 70s looking porn stars.  And it was only uphill from there.  Good GOOD times.

I don't feel like theres any real newsworthy items to post.  Just random bits of fun here and there.  Its got me looking forward to fall so I can slow down and get some reading done. 

I DID watch the Twilight movies finally.  I've fought being part of the ravenous mass that follows them but I have to say I did enjoy them.  I'm going to read the books next but I have solemnly promised myself you will not find me camping outside the theatre anytime soon.

SO thats the upate for now.  I'm just sitting home for a few waiting for the hubby to get home from picking up lunch and a much-awaited iced chai tea latte.  Hope all is well in blogland.  I DO follow you all still, usually on my lunch break or when the insomnia is kicking in at night.  Its just that at those times I'm too exhausted to throw my own musings out into the world.  So thank you all for not being slackers like me :)  Hope your summers have been amazing!