Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ok I'm doing this on my phone so please forgive my lack of grammar and punctuation skills. I'm gonna get right to the point here and well, you can judge if you want to but there truly is no shame in my game. Because life? Is too short not to jump in balls deep and I'm not above a little graveling to make some things happen.

Though it would be much more productive and life changing I'm not asking you to help me rescue an orphan from a third world country (but we should do that like next week), Im not asking you to help me save the rainforest (schedule that for the week after next mmmkay?).

Nope. I'm starting small and shallow and a little white trash-ish here and asking you all to help me cross one itty bitty thing off of my bucket list. While I do have meaningful things on there like mission and volunteer work, I also have something that goes a little something like this:

"Be front and center at a Kid Rock concert."

Yep. That's where we're starting. I can't explain it. There's something about a long haired, Pam Anderson loving, Waffle House fighting piece of white boy, belting out some hip-hop, country, bluesy, southern rock that gets my blood pumping. Maybe it's a Michigan thing.

Anyway, he's throwing a 40th birthday bash kickoff to his next tour just a half hour from my home in January. Presale tickets go on sale Monday. I known it's ridonkulous commercialism crap and trickery buy the only way to guarantee front and center
is to, of course, purchasw the VIP tickets. Which are, ahem! $300. That's THREE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Which of course I don't have just laying around.

SO I'm a pretty big fan of Pure Romance and my consultant is a pretty big fan of Kid Rock and thankfully likes me alright too :) So she's generously offered to helpe out by giving me 40% of all orders I turn in to her by Monday afternoon. So this is where y'all come in. I don't care if you're married, hooking up, or flying solo every woman can use a little (or if you ARE married - a LOT of oomph).

So of you want to do a little sexual healing and help me take the ol' pen to the ol' bucket list you can peruse the products at Rather than ordering through the site she does ask that all orders be placed directly (and anonymously of course) through her at Happy sexin y'all!

Oh and feel free to get anyone you know in on my little project. I will be eternally grateful when I'm sitting beneath Kid Rock, screaming my lungs out and feeling like a rockstar for just one night. Mucho gracias!


  1. lol....Kid Rock?! Really??! really, who the funk and I to judge - I sit beside a Robert Pattinson calendar.

    I hope you get Front and Centre though. All the best my friend!!!


  2. It might be a Michigan thing, because I don't know ANYONE who loves them some Kid Rock like I do, except for you.

    My best friend here is a PR consultant! How about that! Man. You think she'd kill me if I bought a dildo for the cause? Lol.

    I heart you. Rock out.