Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi everyone! (cricket cricket)..... Hello? Is anyone still there? Well I'm just gonna talk and if you're here I hope you'll say hi :)

So Im recovering from a hella-migraine and therefore am checking in with about half the oomph and fanfare I'd like. But I miss you guys. I miss my little outlet. And just like alcohol I sometimes forget how writing makes me feel better (minus the hangover).

So this is what you can go ahead and call a shameless tease. Before I can pick up this blog and carry you all through 2011 I (being the chronological freak that I am) feel that I have to bring you up to speed on what exactly I've been up to that's kept me away for so long that my blog started growing mold. (No worries I slapped some Kilz on it and we're golden).

Which brings us here. Over the course of the next week I will be posting a series of highlights (and low LOWlights) from the last few months. I've been on a rollercoaster and I'm throwing myself off because things? Well they got out of hand for a bit. Brace yourselves kiddies - we've got lots to cover. I hope you'll check it out. Tell your friends. Mirdizzles back! Xoxo


  1. Miranda...is that you. I thought you'd gotten lost. lol.'
    glad your back. Look forward to hearing what you've been up to.

  2. Thank god. You need to come back and claim this blog again chick!

  3. Thanks for the welcome back y'all :)