Thursday, October 7, 2010


For real.  What the HELL is up yo?

Its been for EVER since we last spoke.  You probably thought I forgot about ya'll.  Yeah, well, I didn't.  I just suck at life.  That and I've been super busy with life, work, marriage issues (a whole OTHER post and when I get there?  I need about a 100 women to rally around me, hug me, and swear its all completely normal), "Who am I?" issues, "Where am I Going" issues and most recently strep throat turned bronchitis.  HOLLLAA!

So I've got a shit ton (thats Michigan speak for a LOT) of post ideas just whizzing around in my head.  I've faltered like WHOA on the diet front.  I can mostly control my 9-5 diet but its coming home from work and being exhausted that throws a wrench in my master plan because its SO easy to go for the easy dinner option and NOT exercise.  Why can't easy always be the best choice?  Who do I have to flash my lady lumps to to make that a rule?

I digress.  I'll write more on that over at my sista blog Healthily Ever After which also has sat like a deer in headlights for the last couple of months while I tucked summer away in its warm cozy bed for the year.

So here I sit, with the start of yet another Michigan season bringing on sickness and hopefully some positive changes once I get the ol' bronchial tubes back in order and can FUNCTION again.  This weekend?  We're heading Up North (thats Michigan speak for the magical land of fall color and splendor north of the Tri Cities).  We're taking our friends, the quads/dirtbike and hitting the trails to check out the changing leaves from the thick of Mother Nature.  Did you know that Mother Nature is a Michigander?  Yep.  She is. And she wears Maize and Blue.

Oh and all this Michigan speak? This Saturday the University of Michigan Wolverines take on the Michigan State Spartans.  GO BLUE!!!!

More later my little lovelies.  And by later I mean sooner than three months :)  I swerrrr....

Whats new with YOU?


  1. Glad to see you're still alive! lol Hope you start to feel better soon. Have fun this weekend!!!