Sunday, June 14, 2009


I love routine. I love spontaneity. I am oftentimes a walking contradiction.

I love spontaneity as it pertains to having the daily chores done and the hubs and I looking at each other asking "So what now?" Then we'll get online and google local parks, restaurants, not-so-local wineries, etc and decide on somewhere to go or something to do. I love not finding anything online and just hopping in the car and driving wherever we feel like.

I love routine as it pertains to my husband and I when we accomplish every-day tasks in sync with each other. I sort the laundry - he washes & dries - I fold and put it away. I clear my makeup, blowdryer and our toothbrushes off the bathroom counter, clean it and the floor - he cleans the bathtub (God love him!). I speed-pick-up the living room and clear the dining room table - he sprinkles carpet powder and vacuums. I love that kind of routine. I love days when we get to come right home after work and hang out in our pj's watching our favorite TV shows (Jeopardy THEN Wheel of Fortune).

A new favorite routine is that every Sunday at some point during the day I hop online and pull up Oftentimes I simply clear my throat to get his attention, point at the computer screen and after a second he puts it all together and sits down next to me on the couch. We scroll through the secrets together - laughing at some, talking about some and remaining silent about others. This routine typically lasts between three and five minutes but I find myself looking forward to it every Sunday. And here is one of my favorites that I feel obliged to share. Have a wonderful Sunday and may you share the secrets that weigh heavy on your shoulders and keep the ones that make you smile.


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