Monday, June 13, 2011


Its been awhile friends and while I can't make any promises for the next post I had to get this off my chest... Just a little thought about the way people are...

If you have to proclaim to be a good person, mother, wife, etc in order to refute a claim someone has made about you then chances are you need to look in the mirror and reevaluate.

With all of the social outlets, Facebook in particular, I'm constantly reading someone state how good of a mom they are or how awesome of a wife they are and its SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that their need to announce these things comes from the need to counter someone's opinion of them. 

If you are a good person, a good mother or a good wife then its who you are.  You exude that.  You exude it to the point that people who just meet you can tell what a good person you are.  You exude it to the point that no one would ever in their right mind question your character.  And its something that is so innate that you don't even recognize it because its simply your nature.

So again, if  you have to make such claims then chances are the opposite is true or at least partially true.  I have learned and continue to learn this lesson myself.  I caught myself trying to convince my husband that I'm a good wife. I'd do this or that and say "See?  I'm a good wife."  And I realize that that is bred from uncertainty.  I AM NOT innately domestic.   So it takes conscious effort to do things that a "good" wife might do.  Little things that probably come natural to most of you don't come natural to me - cooking, cleaning, etc.  And its not that I'm lazy its that I fill my time with other things (primarily overcommitting to helping other people) while neglecting those things a good "wife" and someday mother would do.  But rather than make proclomations that don't hold their weight I realized I needed to sit back quietly and harness those skills.  Practice makes perfect right?  And all I do is cross my fingers and hope that over time the domestic gene becomes more and more dominant and I can exude exactly what I hope to be - a good person, a good wife and a good mother. 

Perhaps the latter is the reason I'm hypersensitive to others making such ridiculous claims.  Or perhaps you just get sick of the bullshit.  Either way its out of my head now and into the blogosphere :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastical summer-ical!  Peace out playas!

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  1. Well now I think being a good wife is giving blow jobs and regular sex. Beyond that... it's kind of just stuff you have to do as adult whether you're married or not. So with those standards, I'm not a good wife. And you know- even if you aren't a hyper cleaner (like me.. I'm out of control and probably need help.. HA!) it doesn't make you a bad wife/mom. As long as you aren't a hoarder that can't find their cat from 2008, you're good. :)