Saturday, February 20, 2010


There are times in life when you really wish you could press "forward" on the whole weight loss bit.

Over the last couple of weeks an amazing opportunity has transpired. My boss is putting on a social event in California for some very high profile clients. As an event planner, the opportunity to put on such an event is amazing.

I've even been put in contact with a celebrity event coordinator in LA who's clients typically consist of musicians and record labels. I've been in close contact with her all week and in one month will be flying out to LA for the actual event at a VERY exclusive venue that is frequented by the likes of Paris Hilton, the group from the "Hills," and lots and lots of young Hollywood types.

Umm..... pardoooonnnn? ME? SMALL TOWN MICHIGAN GIRL WITH THE COMBINED WEIGHT OF THE ENTIRE HILLS CAST?!?! (Ok maybe thats exaggerated...) Aycharumba...

Even though I'm happy to say that the small lifestyle changes I've implemented have resulted in the loss of 7 pounds in the last month, I'm TERRIFIED to be out in West Hollywood like a frickin fish out of water. I have NO idea what to wear (if anyone can link me to some decent clothing sites/stores that would be FAB). I'm actually afraid that even though we have reserved the venue that they STILL won't let me in... Can they DO that? I swear to you that the mere thought of this sends me into a near panic attack.

Press "forward" on the ol' weight loss and this would be an entirely different situation. How awesome of a time would that be? Yet one more life event that I feel like I can't fully enjoy because of the less-than-perfect condition I've let myself get into.

So there's my dilemma. I'm BEYOND nervous. I'm more nervous about my appearance being so unlike that of the people I'll be surrounded with than I am about pulling off this calibur of event which is on an entirely different level than any I've ever done.

So say a prayer... or seven... and I'll catch you all in the next post.

P.S. --- Thank you to everyone else for not being nearly as neglectful of their blogs as I am. Your posts keep me motivated and humored :) Adios!



    If you are overweight, they'll love will give their egos a boost...that link is to talbots. It's mid range. You can get some very nice suits combined with some nice dresses and some really nice shoes and accessories.
    It's contemporary and businesslike.
    Man, most of all...have fun.

  2. I'm excited for you and am sure you'll have a great time. Besides, LA needs the exposure to some REAL people--bring on small-town Michigan while you're there :) Let us know how it goes!