Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Woot!Woot! I'm happy-dancing my little heart out. Its the simple things I tell ya... Seriously I wish you all could've seen the raised eyebrow and eye rolling I got from my husband when I went from "I have an effing headache" to "HOLLLLAAAA!!! I've got my 5th blog follower!"

Anywhoozle (<--- thats right up there with woops-a-daisy on the completely uncalled for word-o-meter)... Today was a pretty junky day. This WEEK has been pretty junky thus far and its only TUESDAY. What oh what is the matter you ask? Wellll... I made a decision a few days ago when I was about to rip someone's eye out or stick No.2 pencils in my own that I'm making a conscious effort to stop carrying the weight of everyone's problems. I decided to stop caring what people think, what their problems are and only worry about my own.

That might sound pretty selfish but here's the catch. I SWEAR to you that I am the office psychiatrist. I kid you not, at least five times a day someone comes to my door and says "I know you're busy but I just need to know..." And then they proceed to lay their burdens right in front of me and look at me with that quizzical look that says "FIX ME." Now I'm about as compassionate as they come but at least 97% of the issues that people come to me with are problems they have caused for themselves. One of the biggest lessons I have taught myself is that you cannot change the things that people say and do or whatever life throws at you. All you can change is how you REACT to it. Therefore, people getting in their own way time and time again annoys the shit out of me.

I'll be there for you. I'll listen. I'll try and walk you through a hard situation. But when you acknowledge the problem as well as the solution and refuse to fix it then thats where my sympathy ends. I've spent too much time carrying other people's burdens and not worrying about making myself happy. And THAT my friends (Cinco AMIGOS!!) is why this week is already proving to be a very trying one.

My new outlook on life has been tested beyond belief and I'm trying not to lose it. I'm PMSing, I've had a dull headache for two days, I'm not sleeping for crap at night and work is S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L. Therefore my tolerance for bullshit is nonexistant. Any tips for maintaining sanity and self control would be greatly appreciated. My foolish ranting aside, I hope you're all having a fabulous week so far.

For those of you embarking for the first, second, third, millionth time on any sort of weight-loss or health-induced plan, tune in to Oprah tomorrow. Ruby will be on there and she is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Peace out playas... I mean good evening fellow bloggers...


  1. oh i am so watching ruby
    thanks 4 letting me know

    just breath pmsing sucks

    and you know how people love chocolate
    read my blog i love carbs lol

    horrid day yesterday :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me to breath. I forget to all the time, no joke.

    And I'm sorry you had a horrid day - those are the worst. But we just have to remember the things we're blessed with and say screw the rest.

    Hope you were able to catch Ruby yesterday. I'm not out of work when Oprah comes on at 4 but it replays at 10. My exhaustion got the best of me and I was out before 9 :(

  3. Anywhoozle. You totally amuse me.