Sunday, April 18, 2010


I know I haven't posted in a few days... and there are many things I could write about... but my fingers and my heart will only let me write about one thing.  Dominick Calhoun.  The innocent 4-year old child who's life was taken much too soon. 

I did not know Dominick or his family personally.  But when a story like this comes to life in your own backyard you can't help but ache each and every day for the precious little angel and his family.  As such, I'll let you readers read the story for yourself as I do not know all of the facts myself.  A forewarning to parents who may read this blog that this is a disturbing story but little Dominick deserves to have his story told.

Click HERE to read the news story.

Once you read the article please seek out the Facebook pages "Justice for Dominick" and "Dominick's Law."  The first is simply a page to show support for the family of Dominick.  The latter is an attempt at bringing this to the front step of the Michigan/Federal legal systems and amending the laws accordingly. 

As you read, the "mother" of this little boy was held and quickly released from jail.  As stated by many on the Facebook pages, if that woman is still alive then she didn't do enough to save her child.  It is the hope of many in our community and across the country that she is charged at the bare minimum as an accessory to the murder of her son. 

I ask that all of you please post about Dominick on your blogs, suggest these pages to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  And in honor of Dominick and in support of the cause we are fighting please show this ribbon on your pages.  Thanks!


  1. And THIS is why I firmly believe that people should have to have a license to have a child AND have periodic home checks. I'm serious. There are too many children who are abused and neglected in this world to let this continue. As a parent, if ANYONE ever laid a hand on my child they'd have to kill me first before they could continue. It's just unbelievable. :(

  2. As a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)/ child advocare that story really sickens me... pisses me off that there are so many people... so many stories of people who are only on this earth to hurt others... people who just don't give a damn.... I hope the people responsible get what they deserve.

  3. I think that there is more to this story than we know. This article is scanty with information, at best. If the district attorney is not pursuing a case against the mother of this boy, there is a reason. Before we rush to judgement carrying our rocks, let's all take a step back and allow the facts to come out. I could tell you a story that I know that happened here where a baby was shaken to death by a young mother's husband (not the baby's father), while she was out buying groceries. She was 16 years old and he was abusing her daily. She was terrefied of him. Her mother was an alcoholic who allowed strange men into their home all of the time. She was raped at an early age by these men (repeatedly), and that is how she became pregnant. Mom didn't want to raise the baby, so she found one of these horrible men to marry her daughter and "sold" her. The courts chose to try them together and now they both sit in jail for the death of that baby. She didn't abuse that baby. She was a victim her whole life. First of her mother, then all of the men who raped her, then her husband, and lastly the justice system. But her baby is still dead and the jury couldn't convict him without convicting her, so justice had to be served. Things aren't always black and white. Actually, they are usually gray. It is still a horrible tragedy that Dominick is dead and I hope that Michigan gets it right and sees that the person or persons responsible are charged for their crime. Unfortunately, nothing will make it "right," because he will still be gone.

  4. Sarah - I agree. Its absolutely disgusting to think of the people out there who have children. Especially when so many good people would have loved to take care of that little baby.

    Shanel - I'm not an advocate for violence but I have heard that the sick "man" who did this has been transported from the jail to the hospital at least two times already. And no part of that bothers me. Except that it hasn't been more than twice.

    Robin - I believe in her own way this mother loved her child. I believe in her own way she protected him in the best way she knew how. And I fully agree that its likely that boyfriend abused her into a place of mental incapacitation that, along with drug use. But unfortunately her efforts were not enough. There is documented history of drug use and child endangerment. Regardless of the fear he inflicted that rendered her "helpless" the decision was made long ago to put this lifestyle ahead of the safety of her child. Her child who was failed by his mother and "the system." And unfortunately, whether or not a valiant effort was or wasn't made on her part it is too late. And Dominick is gone while she is updating her Myspace (as late as yesterday).

    Thanks everyone for your feedback.