Friday, April 23, 2010


Time for what??  I'll tell you my friend... Time for GARAGE-slash-YARD SALES!!!

Let me first begin by telling you that I did not quite "get" the awesomeness of garage sales until I quit my previous job.  I was working in event planning which meant for almost five years straight I worked EVERY weekend.  I quit this job in May which apparently is like peak garage sale season around this joint.

So that very first Saturday that I was free from hell, my girlfriend and I grabbed a coffee at Bigby (NEVER AGAIN - way way way overrated.  I'll stick to Starbucks fo sho).  We then proceeded to hit up the garage sales.  And she took me to, like, garage sale HEAVEN.  A little thing most affectionately call "The Neighborhood Garage Sale."  DE-LIGHT-FUL.  I seriously couldn't belive this fun little thrifty world existed and I had no idea.

So I'm jumping the gun a bit this year but the weather's been decent so I think I'm ready to start dabbling in the garage sales.  I've decided to break into them real slow through the month of April.  Then at the end of May I'm planning a garage sale season kickoff event like no other.  The plan is that the weekend after Memorial Day I will actually hit the road bright and early with a frickin map in hand because I will tear the streets up looking for crap I don't need.

Last year my compulsive list-making even got the better of me.  I actually started a spreadsheet to list the things I bought, compared to what they'd cost at the store just to further solidify the fact that garage sales make me feel like a thrifty rockstar.

That being said, I want to show off some of my best finds.  And if you're not a garage sale lover I swear on a stack of .50 cent books in a musty smelling box that you will be when I'm done flashing my used goods in your face.  Brace yourselves for..... GARAGE SALE SATURDAYS!!!!!!!!

And if you've never heard of - ummm... go there right this very instant and bask in its awesomenes.  Wanna know the bonus of garage saling?  Walking my ass off thats what.  So what are your Saturday plans?  Any good garage sale stories?  Any die-hard garage saling tips?  Have a great weekend everyone!

And P.S. thanks to everyone who basically said "We'll pimp you when you stop being a sucky blog friend and start showing our blogs equal love."  I get it.  And I swear I'll work on my blog skills. 


  1. lol, not much for yard sales..but I love love love thrift stores...kind of like where garage sales go to die. I go to the north end of town and bought my daughter tommy Hilfiger gear for two and three bucks a garment. I love rich people and their ennui.

  2. Garage sales are the bomb diggity bomb. I fucking love garage sales. I am a garage sale whore. Plus I usually have a yard sale in June on a Friday. Last year I made $700. ;)

  3. just dropping in quick to say I have made anywhoozle a blog fav.

    here is the proof. Never doubt me young skywalker.
    anywhoozle is an awesome word and should be put to good it will be.

  4. Chris - I too love a good thrift store. I have to be in the exact right mood though because what I have in thrifty-ness I more than lack in patience. I commented on your blog but again - thanks for pimping the word Anywhoozle. It IS kind of the shiz.

    Sara - I was so looking forward to having my first very own yard sale when we bought our house. Well, when the basement floods it kinda gets rid of your stuff for you.. minus making money on it.