Saturday, April 24, 2010


Okay... so... Garage Sale numero uno of the season?  Not so much.

Issue #1)  I had mapped out six different sales that I wanted to check out.  Apparently I'm a bigger idiot than I even knew and didn't pay attention to the (ahem!) dates... of... the... sales??  So two of them are actually next weekend.  And one of them only went until noon and we showed up at 12:36.  Aye yay yay.

Issue #2)  One of the actual existing garage sales turned out to be one that we hit up last summer.  This guy has no less than 1 million rusty tools.  AND he is one of those people that keeps talking to you long after you've walked away.  Totally awkward.  Within 30 seconds I whispered to the hubby that we needed to get out of there stat before I ripped my skin off.  Overcast skies threatening to rain on my garage sale parade do not equal a very patient Miranda.

** SIDE NOTE - YES my hubby is awesome enough to accompany on my attempts at being a thrifty goddess.  He doesn't even let me see him roll his eyes when I bust out a frickin map like Dora the Explorer and he generally lets me pick up whatever crap I decide is a necessity and doesn't get mad when, in turn, I talk him out of the shiz he thinks he can't live without.  So... kudos to my husband for being a pretty awesome specimen.

Issue #3 - We came thisclose to being the proud owners of a popup camper.  We are avid campers and tented it all last summer.  I'm down with the whole rustic camping bit but I'm not gonna complain if you offer to give me an enclosed space with a bed that won't collapse when the wind blows.  However, the lady had someone already interested who was supposed to come back later to show it to his wife.  Well wife must've liked because they bought it - stupid popup loving bitch.

So to supplement my need for thrift we went to a consignment/antique shop in town where I found yet another rustic barn star for the house which I have yet to find a place for.  SUCCESS!

Then we went to Hallmark where I actually remembered to use my "Buy one card, get one 1/2 off" coupon AND my $3 off coupon.  DOUBLE SUCCESS!

After that we went to a video store in town thats going out of business where I picked up seven DVDs for about $30.  SUCCESS TIMES THREE!

So here are a couple of today's finds for you to feast your eyes on.  Enjoy!

Rustic star - I'm addicted to this little gems but am quickly running out of places that won't make it look like I need a rustic star intervention ...

These are the 7 DVD's that will keep me on the couch all day tomorrow while it rains. 
1. Someone Like You 
2. Whip It 
3. Juno 
4. Bounce
5. Elizabethtown
6. Beautiful
7. Four Christmases 

BONUS!!  SURPRISE!!  My sister-in-law who is the Thrift QUEEN found this precious little beast for me at the local consignment shop.  I have searched and searched for a Teddy Ruxpin forever.  He even came with a tape all ready to read me a story!  Except... Teddy must've experienced some trauma since 1985 because he refuses to speak :(  Oh and my dogs barked at him for the first 30 minutes he was in our house.  And sometimes I have to push his eyes shut because they freak me out.  But seriously, isn't he precious?!


  1. Girl- your Teddy freaks me the fuck out. THAT is what nightmares are made of.

    Four Christmases was good- reminded me a lot of when Matt and I were still dating and going to 6 Xmas things on ONE day. I thought we were going to die.

    You can send me some stars! I can't find ANY around here anywhere without spending $30. Dang.

  2. WOW! Your hubby does deserve some kuddos! LOL

    I love the movie Juno.

    I've always wanted one of those rustic stars, but just like Sara said, I can never seem to find any that aren't more than I want to spend.

    Oh, and I liked your comparison to Dora The Explorer.

    Great job!!


  3. Sara - ummmm... thank you. Because everyone thinks I'm crazy for thinking TR's crazy. And girl you bet your sweet ass if I find anymore stars I'll send them your way!

    Mama - No worries... the hubby got his kudos... twice. Ha! j/k And likewise - if I find anymore stars I'll forego the urge to turn my house into a star graveyard and forward them on.