Thursday, June 17, 2010


What?  You called?  Well your slacker has arrived...

Guys I SWEAR I've got a good excuse for being absent.  I've been Sick. As. A. Dog.  It went  a little something like this.  Last Friday wheezy, heavy feeling in bottom of throat/top of chest.  Saturday worked the wedding ALL DAY (whole other post) and felt like duke the entire time.  I was hot (like from the outside temps AND from fever), exhausted, stuffy and my back was killing by the end of the day.  Sunday I was practically dead to the world and completely miserable.  Monday I went to the doctor (sinus infection, possibly turning into upper respiratory infection), she gave me antibiotics, told me to rest, drink fluids, chew off my arm (just seeing if you're paying attention), blah, blah, blah.

Well I'm a complete sucker for punishment and forced myself to work ALL week.  Yep, sweating right down to my knee caps, blowing my nose until it was so red you'd swear I was snorting coke minus being a super model and much less rock star-ish, and just an overall hot mess.  I would wake up after tossing and turning all night and hang my head over the bed directly over the humidifier to try and break up the drainage (eww) and relieve the pressure in my face.

Today is the absolute first day I've been able to function.  I actually broke down crying yesterday because I was too big of an idiot to call in to work and no one told baby Miranda to go home.  Why couldn't someone just look out for me when I clearly can't look after myself?  DUH!  (Apparently I need to explain the rules to these people).

So I've missed a couple Garage Sale, Wedding, and Secret Sunday posts.  **Sigh**  **Sniffle** *Deep rattly breath**  I'm sorry!  But guess what?  I do have some goodies to flaunt in your face so that should totally make you happy that we're friends still!  My sister-in-law is a freebie lover and she recently started this site where she scours the internet, finds freebies and posts them for all to find.  Go check it out and see how you can score some of the awesome shiz I have here.  (P.S... I'm kind of a freak and am all about quantity so I like to let them pile up for a bit before I open them - it makes it feel like opening a bunch of presents... go ahead... roll your eyes...)  Here is what I opened today...

Formula, Potty training DVD, tattoos to put on your kiddies that are along the lines of "Hi My Name is __________" in case they get lost ---> brilliant!  Sidenote:  I do not have children yet but I'm game for anything free.  SCORE!

A whole ton of tampons, pads, pantylines, Aveeno shampoo/conditioner, John Frieda shampoo/conditioner, perfume, cologne, Eucerin lotion, Crest 3D whitening toothpaste.  I may not have children but I AM human so these samples are perfect for me - DOUBLE SCORE!

Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets and of course the frickin Constitution of the United States!  I don't do laundry and I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably only read the Constitution if I was out of air freshener cans to read in the bathroom, but the hubby does laundry and is down with history - HUBBY SCORE!

 A Jiffy cookbook, Lanacane, Prilosec, Special K protein bar, True Lemon, Lime and Orange drink mix.  I'm not sure how I feel about food/vitamin/medicine samples - INDECISIVE SCORE!

Not too shabby huh?  So go do some freebie hunting - its totally fun.  Be forewarned - its also addicting!  Have a fab week! 


  1. I'm a whore for freebies. There are AWESOME ones this week. I think I got some anit-aging face cream that is super expensive and some home made soap. And a bunch of other stuff- we'll see what actually comes!

  2. I hit up some freebie gals on FB. Isn't it FUN!!! ;) I love going to the mail and getting a package with little tampon goodies inside. Hooray! I must have missed the kiddo tattoo thing. Dang.

    Glad you're at least feeling a little better. I was wondering where you went! You must have a whole slew of un used sick days!!!