Thursday, June 3, 2010


...Or is it "Quicky"? 

Oh my dearest readers...  I have failed you.  Please know that my lack of posts has not been caused by a lack of love for ya'll.  And I do extend my deepest apologies...

This has literally been a week from hell.  In short here's the stupid lowdown:

- with the holiday there's always catching up to do come Tuesday which typically turns into Wednesday, Thursday, you get the idea...

- Wednesday we come in to find that the accountant has up and quit.  She was making a lot of mistakes but was never quite trained right so that combined with her being too afraid to ask questions made for a pretty rough week last week

- So we're left high and dry... the boss is flying out of town on Thursday... and naturally we have to pick up some of the pieces which adds quite a bit to my plate

- On top of this the boss continues to do what I call "emptying her brain" and unloads a million more to-dos on me so SHE can enjoy her vacation (Sidenote:  I do not fault her for taking a vacation but the timing was horrendous)

- After working late last night the boss decides to have a breakdown and pushes me from trying to cope with the added stress to wanting to say "F this!"

... And thats just work...  Things have been hectic otherwise and I've been way too exhausted to formulate a decent post (hence this piece of junk you're reading right now - but I HAD to let you know I'm still alive and kicking).

So lots going on - hopefully next week we can get back to normal.  I DO have some flippin sweet garage sale items to post on Saturday so keep your eyes peeled (<--- someone please explain the meaning of that phrase).  Oh and I'm totally gonna win this giveaway.  So there.

And there you have it.  Your quickie blog post of the day.  Hope it was as good for you as it was for me! 


  1. Hope things clear up for you soon.
    sounds rough.
    hang in there

  2. Girl that sucks donkey balls. Dang. And I'm crabby because I can't sleep in today. ;)

  3. Oh boy. That does sound like a rough week! :( I hope this coming week will be better for you! I hate when your work load is quadrupled when you already feel like you work hard enough!!!! Thinkin' of ya! :)