Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well folks...  SIGH... its Wednesday after all.

I'm counting down to our camping trip so don't ya know this week is creeeeeping by.

Ah the wedding-ness.  This has been a fairly uneventful week thus far. I have a consultation with my 6/12/10 bride tomorrow morning bright and early.  We've got approximately two weeks until her wedding and with a holiday weekend this week I'm starting to stress.  To be honest, her schedule has not quite allowed for the planning I would like and I'm tempted to pull back.  Of course I will help in any way I can but I'm doing this one free of charge and I've hoped to avoid getting the point that we're.... well.... getting at.  Under normal circumstances I'm extremely flexible and can pull things together.  But with the extreme circumstances surrounding this one I NEED some bride participation!!!!!!!

THEN tomorrow at noon I'm going to the elected reception venue for my 6/18/11 bride so we can show the groom and mothers.  I'm very excited and know that once everyone sees the facility we will have the green light to move forward.  YAY!!!   I CAN'T wait to start showing you guys the deets.

Aside from that..... how about that American Idol (shoot dang I just came out of my Idol closet)...

Back to the wedding-ness.  I wish I had more to entertain this week but sorry yall - its been an insane week thus far and I had quite a to-do list today.  In closing, I'm curious, tell me about YOUR wedding day.  What was the most memorable moment (aside from the obvious I-Dos)?  Was there anything you'd have done different?  Would you do it all over again?  Night loves!

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