Sunday, May 23, 2010


I did not forget about GARAGE SALE SATURDAY yesterday... I just didn't Garage Sale is all.  I had a million bajillion things to do and couldn't even fathom the idea of taking 10 minutes to poke around a sale.

I spent my Saturday accompanying one of the bride's I am working with to a couple of reception venues.  I'm so happy to say that they decided on my favorite and its an absolutely BEAUTIFUL country club type setting with a stunning staircase that the bridal party will come down when they are announced.  The grounds are fantastic.  There's a rooftop tent where the ceremony/outdoor cocktail hour will take place and I absolutely CANNOT wait.  (ok ok I'll stop... this is turning into a WEDDING WEDNESDAY post).  More about that later...

Then I paused at home long enough to catch my breath and went down to help out my mom.  For those who do not know she has Transverse Myelitis.  It is a rare condition with a very sudden onset that causes paralysis due to nerve damage in the spine.  My dad went on a golfing trip this weekend leaving her alone and to fend for herself which isn't the world's most brilliant idea.  Granted, her condition has significantly improved since its onset in November of last year, but she is very unbalanced and still needs help getting certain things done.  So off I went to mop her floor, do the dishes and do some little errands.

Today I met a good friend at the Farmer's Market in a small town nearby and I was pretty disappointed.  No fruits/veggies yet - mostly flowers.  Sidenote:  Yours truly is NOT the most domestic and the thought of being on my knees for MANY reasons, but especially to plant anything, does not appeal. 

I then went on a little crusade to find a new pair of jeans since my last pair are pretty much useless.  I went to Old Navy and Fashion Bug first since they typically have my size and are more convenient.  Not today.  Nope.  After getting in and out of the 85 degree heat and being approached by a scary thuggish guy in the parking lot who I'm sure wanted to cause me bodily harm, still no frick frackin' jeans.

So I was going to make a trip over to the mall and quickly decided against it when I realized it would quickly turn into a 2 hour hunt and quite frankly, I had better shit to do.  So I'm down to a pair of white capris, black capris and black pants.  No jeans.  Sumbitch.

I then came home and spent 2 hours trying to get re-motivated since I had a huge to-do list for today and had yet to cross anything off of it.  At my request the hubby brought all the totes we take camping into the house so I could get everything washed and ready for next weekend.  That alone took forever.  I JUST picked up the house at 10 o'clock at night.  How does the weekend go by so fast? 

Just a few more things to try and knock out before sleepy time and the rest will have to wait until tomorrow after work.  Tuesday I'm working then taking mom to an appt.  Wednesday I'm going to try and focus on WEDDING stuff.  Thursday I'm working, going to book the reception venue with the bride and coming home to load up for our camping trip.  Then Friday its "Adios SeNorItAs!!!"  Off for a 3 1/2 day weekend.  I will try and post on Wednesday but thats going to be about it.  Next week's SECRET SUNDAY will have to be posted when I get back on Monday unless we venture away from the campground long enough for me to have a signal and connect with you lovelies for a minute.

So... now that you have a rundown of my week and can all sleep soundly... we will part after checking out today's Secret.  Enjoy!

Why did I pick this one?  Three reasons:

One, I've wanted to ask this of a few people in my life.  But haven't because I don't want to acknowledge it or am afraid to hear the truth. 

And two, I've felt like asking this of myself a few times in my life but haven't for the same reason.  

Three, and most recently, I've wanted to ask it of a high school fling who recently contacted me wanting to meet up for all the wrong reasons.  He is married with two children and one on the way.  I wonder how many women he's tried to do this with and the thought of his wife so innocent and carrying his children makes me physically ill. 

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