Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hola beetchez!

Let me preface this post by telling you that today's garage sale experience was a rare one.  One where we met some totally kickass garage sale hosts AND the finds were spectacular-ish. 

So after a quick glance through the Garage Sale postings on Craigslist my eyes fall on these words:

"MAN'S GARAGE SALE" - To be clear - this equals my gateway drug for getting the hubby to accompany me on yet another treasure hunt.  This WAS quite possibly the garage sale from what my husband would consider heaven.  Two words:  Dirtbike stuff. 

So we mapquest the shiz out of this location and head to Destination Dirtbike <---clever huh.  I should totally get a job naming ops for the FBI.  Anyway, we get there and the guy having the sale is quite possibly one of the coolest guys we've ever met.  He buys and resells repossessed dirtbikes and also has a huge selection of brand new dirtbike supplies/apparel.  AND he's frickin funny as crap.  Needless to say hubmeister bought a tail light thing for his bike and some pipe thing for his friends bike.  Both were new with price tags so I can confidently say that we got $110 worth of stuff for $45.  (WAY more than I like to spend at a garage sale but it WAS a good deal AND guess who's getting some tonight?)

Ok enough about HIS finds.  On to me because, well, I'm cooler.

So we moved on to a garage sale held by two of the nicest gay guys I've ever met.  I got nervous that my husbands gaydar alert system would start dinging audibly but he actually talked to the guy about those wrought iron swirly candle holder things that go on the wall.  Disaster averted.  You could totally tell that these guys host some kick ass parties and probably have some flippin sweet friends.  They had SO much awesome barware that they have apparently received as gifts.  I even shared with them that I'd be writing about my finds on my blog and thanked them for helping me to pimp it out.  This is what I found:

Totally sweet long stem champage glasses.  THESE suckers are having a coming out party for sure! 

THEN because I'm awesome they gave me all of these nice glass candle holders for nada.  Who's the shiz now?!  Sidenote: The two silver ones in the front have little stars etched in the silver so the light shines through them - totally perfect for Christmas.

We checked out approximately 2.7 million garage sales between a couple different subdivisions.  We even witnessed some garage sale/subdivision road rage.  Quick reenactment:

Scene:  Cars lining narrow street
Scene:  Man driving down street
Scene:  Lady driving towards man cannot get through
Man:  Sheepishly looks at lady
Lady:  Waits until they're right next to each other to roll down her window and casually says "Asshole" as she proceeds about her business

Now I am not one to buy clothes from a garage sale.   I think of a lot of dirty reasons why that is not a good idea.  But I happend to come across a couple cute shirts and decided what the hell.  At least if I can't get beyond my preconceived thoughts of dirty-ness, I can just take them to the thrift store since I'm only paying like 75 cents apiece.  Do enjoy... oh and P.S. ----  Yes, I did the whole "folding under of the sides" to make them appear smaller.  Hey - I've got pride.

This says "Staring won't get you anywhere."  I had to reassure the hub that this did not pertain to him because hey, after putting up with treasure hunting for almost FIVE HOURS... he deserves some booby.

Then at some point I came across these little guys to add to my Halloween collection because I LOVE me some October 31st!

And then...  gotta add to the DVD collection since, ya know, I have time for that crap. 

And th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thats all folks!  Aside from the hub's dirtbike purchases, I got all of these shizzle bits (YUP you just witnessed the creation of a new phrase)... all of it for a solid $26.  Mission. Accomplished.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Its definitely nice to have some sunshine around these parts since its been nothing but rain, storms and wind this past week.  Get out and enjoy it!  Later lovers!


  1. Seriously. I got Jackson a vintage Fisher Price bike with training wheels for $12 today. It wasn't a garage sale, it was a consignment shop, but still.

    AND...I buy almost all of my kid's clothes at either thrift or consignment shops. I have found a ton of new stuff or things that were obviously hardly worn. I myself have gotten some awesome clothes from there. OOH-- but I went to one in Minneapolis and got a pair of $190 Dansko shoes for...wait for it....$3. I almost shit myself in the aisle. (It could have been the great price OR it could have been the Taco Johns I had for lunch.) Luckily- I didn't shit myself, and I walked out with almost new shoes. Awesome.

  2. Frickin right doggy! (PS Have I told you how much I LOVE the name Jackson?)

    My girlfriend had a baby last fall and has since bought like two things new and gotten everything else at garage sales/consignment shops and has found some AMAZING deals. Smart mommies...

    And PS - No more Taco Johns for you.

  3. I love a bargain. You did very well. Especially charming those pretty candle holders out of those guys. :D

  4. Oh man, you totally made me just JONES for a garage sale. Next Saturday, it's ON.

  5. Awesome! Great finds! I have those same champagne glasses! Only mine came in a taller vase holder. I like to drink from them....they make me feel cool. ;) Love the Halloween goodies. I'm a sucker for Halloween stuff because that's me favorite holiday.

    Destination dirt bike sounds like a place my hubby would love to have gone. We just went to a place and picked up a helmet for my almost 3 year old so he can ride with Papa on the dirt bike with out Mama having a heart attack. :)