Thursday, May 20, 2010


So sue me.  I flaked out on my Wedding Wednesday post yesterday because I decided to meet a girlfriend for din-din and ended up in a gab-a-thon until 10 o'clock last night.  I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive...

So my life has been consumed by a great many things lately but getting the wedding planning business pulled together and ready for launch is one of the few that I can handle.  It has felt SO good to be involved with something I absolutely love again. 

Before we proceed I googled "disaster wedding" and this is what I found.  Enjoy.

Today I would like to share with you my recent experience with one of the bride's I'm working with.  If you have room for one more prayer tonight please I beg you, pray for this wedding.  Let's list, shall we?

1)  Said wedding is taking place June 12th of this year.  Thats 23 days.... count em.

2)  The invitations JUST went out last weekend.  For realsies.  (DISCLAIMER - It was a day after the invites were mailed out that I was pulled in on this wedding.  Rest assured that had I been at the helm all along this would've been one fine tuned little piece of wedded mastery).

3) The DJ DOUBLE BOOKED himself and basically bid them farewell without so much as a "I suckatlife."

4) Replacement DJ found.

5) The bride has invited over THREE HUNDRED people to this wedding.  When asked if she was constructing a seating chart she said "no."  I know these are a pain in the ass but no seating chart is every wedding coordinator's worst nightmare.  Believe it or not, people WANT to be told where to go.  It negates the whole awkward-ness of sitting too close to the "family" area, winding up with sucky tablemates, etc.

6) When asked why no seating chart she says, "Because there's so much family drama that I can't keep track of who hates each other week to week."  Holy.  Sweet.  Lord.  Almighty.

7) Who's preparing the food?  Family.  Non-professionally trained family.  Family that hates each other constructing a pasta bar.  Let the noodle slinging begin.

8) Last week she finds out that the aunt who was supposed to do the majority of the cooking has decided to go on vacation and will not be here to cook the food.  Man down.

9) Replacement caterer found.

10) The wedding is less than a month away and Mama Miranda is terrified.  It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers but the brides complacency over all of this makes me shake in my flip flops. 

So say a little prayer to the wedding Gods and I'll keep you posted.  Stay cool.  <--- Just felt like kickin it yearbook style :)  Night all!


  1. Holy cannoli! When this wedding goes off like a dream, this will be a huge feather in your fledgling business's cap. What bride won't want you, after hearing this story? :D

    Good thing that you found a caterer. You don't want family members who hate each other cooking large amounts of food for each other. That could end very badly. lol

  2. OH
    you lost me at that photo.

    priceless :)