Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...AND... I'M BACK...

Hi all! (And I use "all" VERY loosely... as I'm pretty sure I'm referring to the three of you that read this little piece of scratch).

Well where the hell have I been the last few days? Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Sometimes life just picks me up and carries me on its waves then gently sets me back on the shore and I have no idea where I was. That's what happened the last few days. The hubs and I went out to dinner Friday night where we drank two pitchers of Miller Light and finally relaxed for the first time in a long time. Saturday I visited with family and had my 7 year old niece over for a girls night. Then Sunday we had our first lazy Sunday in awhile. I have to say, with the holidays officially in the past and work getting somewhat under control, I feel like things are finally settling down. Or maybe I'm just getting a better grip? Who knows...

So I think I've done pretty well on the health plan these days. I refuse to use the word diet. And health plan sounds too much like a CNN headline... So I'm gonna open this up for suggestion. I need a clever name for this new situation. Your input is appreciated.

What else? Ahhh... psycho Uterus... I went to the ob today to get that little beotch under control. Here's the basic plan for my anticipated success:
1.) Continue taking nausea inducing birth control meds which make me want to puke my guts up tequila-style
2.) Get my ass in gear and drop some weight
3.) Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Can you guess which one I added just to see if you were paying attention?

Well... I still feel kinda BLAH and like my blogness is a bit sketchy today. Oh I also found out I have low iron therefore explaining the lack of energy and desire to sleep my face off. Despite this discovery I've managed to keep up on the elliptical and treadmill for the last week. I'll admit that as good as it felt to Shred, the hubby wasn't too crazy about manlady and I'm using his lack of will to continue with the abuse as my excuse to seek workout pleasure elsewhere.

I have to say though, amidst the fog in my head lately it was such an honor to check out this lovely's blog and find that I had been awarded this sexy little badge:

Beautiful Blogger Award Pictures, Images and Photos

(FYI I was to pick between this and another and picked the beautiful one because a girl can dream can't she?) With this honor comes the obligation to list 7 things about me. So lets add some flair to this beotch and get to learnin. Enjoy!

1. I have a phobia of escalators. Not just any ol' fear, dear readers, a true and honest to goodness phobia. Can't go near 'em and have had many people try and drag me towards them which only solidifies my inability to set foot on those steps of doom. The worst part being that I have no idea at all where it came from and I'm pretty sure I went on them when I was little.

2. I fear that I will lose my mind when I'm old and that the thoughts that swirl inside my head will exist on the outside thus being perceived as a total nut case.

3. I could eat breadsticks with marinara sauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its the hardest thing to give up during this _________. <--- Why haven't you NAMED it yet?! 4. I was told today by my obgyn that it is very likely I will have a hard time getting pregnant due to polycystic ovaries. I have blatantly ignored this all day and refused to think about it for fear of it consuming me. 5. In late November, my mom was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a rare condition caused by an every day flu virus that settled in her spine thus causing paralysis from the waist down. It came on in the matter of a couple of hours. I've told her that I will get in better shape while she continues to struggle towards a recovery. And that when she gets better I'll be in good shape too and we will go for a nice long walk together. I pray with all my might that she recovers fully and I don't want to let her down by not being ready for our walk. This is what drives me every day to get on the treadmill. 6. I wish I had spent my early 20's in a big city like Chicago or NYC instead of in a small town in Michigan. It makes me sad knowing my husband will NEVER live in a city and that I missed the chance to experience it. 7. I dropped out of college, not because I couldn't decide what to do with my life, but because there's TOO MUCH I want to do with it. I'm constantly overwhelmed by all the things I want to do and especially the things I feel incapable of. I want to travel to foreign countries and help their children. I want to take a trip somewhere truly serene and find my inner peace. I want to teach. I want to be a marriage counselor to help other families cope with the kind of dysfunction that ran rampant in mine. The list goes on and on. 8. Enough woe is me crap... I love the CD "Nonstop 90's Rock"... Google it. Order it. Lick it. 9. My "ring" toes are crooked. My mom used to hold them straight when I was a baby and try to make them grow straight. 10. ..........and.......drumroll.............. I would pay no less than $10,000,000,000 and give up Facebook to have my back rubbed 24 hours a day. **BONUS** - I started saying words like "Shiz", "Beotch" and ending words in "izzle" as a joke and now its kinda stuck in my vocabulary. Until I can break myself of the habit I'm going to pretend that its endearing. Ok I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 people but the truth is I don't have 10 followers yet :( and my laptop is Sucky. McSuckerson right now so I can't do a whole lot of extra movement or it will crash and burn. So if you're reading this and you haven't been dubbed a Beautiful Blogger yet, well, you are. So snag the badge and educate. A very very special shoutout to this wonderfully wonderful lady for posting such a beautiful comment after reading my fears on Sue's wall. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and support. She also has the best blog name I've ever read. I'm looking forward to checking out her blog more and I think you should too:)


  1. okay,
    How freaky is that.
    I grew up in a small town in Michigan.
    I grew up in Lake Michigan...which is West of clare, michigan which is not too far from Mt. Pleasant michigan. lol...its small. One blinking yellow light and a gas station, roller rink, general store and an ace hardware.
    I had cysts on my ovaries when i was young...they burst and I have two girls now.
    The stupid doctor told me that I would probably never have children. He was a real *ss hat.
    What town do you live in?
    I live in Colorado now. I have been to New york city.
    It is awesome. You don't have to live there to go.
    I went for a few weeks once when I was 19.
    You would love it. I was walking around at 3 in the morning and everything was open like it was 2 in the afternoon. I saw trump towers and he had planted TREES ON TOP OF THE BUILDING.
    It was awesome.
    If I were you, I'd save and go.
    You would have a great time. My mom tells me that the michigan economy sucks right now.
    I hope things are going well for you.
    Take it easy.

  2. Look at the three of us Michganders. It's like were magnetically attracted or something.

    And I happen to think any word that ends in -izzle is very endearing.