Saturday, January 9, 2010

OH FINE... WADDUP 2010...

I sat through my New Years a bit depressed as a result of my life's events recently. I avoided the New Years head bandy and noisemaker thingys in the stores and generally couldn't muster up that 'fresh start' feeling that many people have come January 1st. Save for the few checks I've had to write I've successfully turned a cheek to 2010... and the fresh start I KNOW I DESPERATELY need... until now.

After putting in at least two work hours EVERY day of my supposed 4 day New Years weekend, you could say I was starting my year a little on the bitter side. However, the last day of the "break" my hubby and I got a bug in our ass to paint the should-be-Master-bedroom thats been piled high with MY crap for the last year and a half since calling this place home. We've moved out of the guest bedroom and I must say I LOVE the new chocolate milk colored walls of my freshly acquired sleeping space.

And that was that. That was the closest we came to being productive in that four day stretch. The need to set my health as a priority naturally plagues my thoughts daily. I've got an out of CONTROL uterus right now, an impending root canal, some depression issues that may or may not require professional guidance and about a hundred excess pounds weighing down this supposed temple. Sooo... that being said, and the urge to start our family sometime this fall, I've got some major work to do. Which comes with the daunting task of finding some major motivation. And.... let it be said... one of my infamous need-one-for-everything lists aka a PLAN.

I've blamed my increased workload work for keeping me from stepping out into this venture for a couple of weeks now. But the uterus isn't backing down, the root canal is looming and those pounds sure as hell haven't gotten the hint that they're not welcome. Not in the least. And while we're on that subject lets not forget I've got til September to drop enough inches to squeeze into that bridesmaids dress I bought which does NOT FIT YET. Aycharumba... (sp) And YES the hubs and I just debated the proper spelling of that. Please feel free to point and laugh.

SO... this need to step out of my sweats and woe-is-me mindset is hugely important. I haven't known exactly where to start until the other night when I stumbled onto quite the gem. Needing a break from MJ's autobiography "Moon Walk" (if you just rolled your eyes... I dare you to sit still through Thriller... Triple. Dog. Dare. You.) I googled something like "the best blogs for women..." which in a round about way lead me to said gem. That was on Thursday. I have since shamelessly read her entire blog catalog from start to ... well... now. I'm hooked. Its not just that her writing style and experiences are highly relatable. Or that after getting halfway through I realized that she hails from a town about 15 minutes from where I live. Or that she openly discusses sharting.

Its that I was reminded that this is the outlet I forgot I had. This year is undoubtedly going to be a tough one full of change - some good, some bad, some scarily unknown. But I really think my love for writing is that missing link, that driving force I need to accompany as I brace for all that this New Year entails. So I'm back. With a vengeance. I hope that this works out the way I plan. And I hope, with a third grade fervor that MrsFatass will be my friend.

Later gators.

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  1. It always comes back to the shart story.

    Okay, so I love your blog and think it's hilarious you quoted Elf to me. I think it safe to say were blog buddies now.

    ummmm, you googled Best Blogs for Women? And it somehow brought you to my rag? Holy crap. I'm not going to be able to think about anything else all day.