Sunday, January 10, 2010


I effing hate Mondays but tomorrow can't get here fast enough. Why you ask? Because my brain is so weekday conscious today that it has decided to put the aforementioned song on Repeat in my head. It was there when I first woke up, I sung it in the shower and I'm pretty sure when I was peeing.

There really was nothing easy about this morning... the uterus was in top form and kept me in the fetal position all morning. The hubs was nice enough to go out and grab us a bagel and even brought me home some orange juice after I had a Google Attack and found that many a rambunctious uterus responds well to calcium. Well I've got four words for you uterus... Floridian Citrus Crop Frozen... so don't get used to it.

Alright enough uterus talk.... I finally willed myself to head to the store and begin the journey. I picked up the 30 Day Shred and lots and lots of fruit and healthy (er) foods. I've been lurking around the blogosphere the last couple of days and have read many references to "the Shred." Thats what I'm calling it - "the Shred." Are you down? I don't tune into the Biggest Loser regularly but I figured hey - what the hell? I secretly think I'm drawn to it because it makes me think of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga!!!!

So - tomorrow begins the start of this crazy journey. I'm not dieting. I'm not giving up breadsticks and beer forever. I'm just going to make a valiant effort to make smarter choices, rock "the Shred" for the next 30 or 90 days and eat better. I've dealt with a lot over the last few years and I think I'm coming around to the life thats starting to exist around me. Or maybe (GASP!) I'm growing up even more. There's been this storm brewing in my head - one that wants to separate all the junk in my life (in my head, in my house, in my cupboards, everywhere), purge what I don't need, reorganize what I'm keeping and simply MAINTAIN the goodness that will undoubtedly come with a little bit of commitment and maybe just maybe some support from my blog friends :)

So thats that. I'm off to bed. I'm starting a health plan on a Monday at the beginning of the year. Statistics say I've already failed. Better rest up.


  1. Prepare for the ass kicking of a lifetime. The Shred brings the most fit people to their knees. But, it is oddly addictive. I have a friend (the Buckeye) who writes at Fat daddy Rants (on my blogroll) and he started it last week. He's written a few great entries about it that might help you prepare. Especially if you're not a BL junkie, you might not be prepared for how strong Jillian comes on. But it is the best 20 minutes of your day, even if it's hard to walk the next day!

  2. it certainly isn't easy like sunday morning now on tuesday night..but TOTALLY hilar. that you had the title and i had the, me thinks it's a sign!
    good luck on shredding with the wicked witch of the west...or aka Shredder - she really is much like him; rather than I doubt she has the skills of a ninja and she couldn't rock the crazy hat....just sayin.
    anyhow thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you come back for more...this bar has happy hour daily and rarely closes..

    um, i dont know what that means really but it started to sound ok until now, when I am thinking it may sound like Im hitting on you; in which case, i am not; no offence...its me not you!

    hope to read more - you have a great style and i often spell tongues wrong but it's just because I am thirsty!

  3. Thanks for visiting! Me thinks so too! And I'm more than ok with happy hour(s)... And I'll try not to judge on the near-pick-up-line attempt. I'll bet two shots we can move past it and be alright.