Monday, March 8, 2010


I stink... in a lot of ways....

I stink at remembering things (like the chiropractor appointment I had today), I stink at cooking (because I'm LAZY not because I can't read a recipe and follow directions), I stink at exercising (again the LAZY factor comes in AND I'm human). But I stink right now mostly because I hit up happy hour with a couple of co-workers and therefore smell like a bar (ala Captain and Coke and cigarette smoke).

I also stink at giving the proper love to those who've so graciously checked out my blog of late - I will I swear because I appreciate the shiz out of you guys, seriously. I'm a horrible blogger.... for reeeealsies. I also stink at being a loser because, I'm not gonna lie, I pouted (we're talking stuck out bottom lip, and sadness in my veins) when I didn't win Sarah's contest. But I picked myself up by the ol' boot straps and forced myself out of bed this morning. (Don't feel bad Sarah, I still love you long time and I think now is where I insert the teaser for those who love good, organized chaos, and say that we've got an exciting happening on the Ink blog this week....)

*Sigh* I'm really having a hard time transitioning here....

Soooo... I thought I'd update you all on some vacations I want to take in the coming months (because you care, right?) and introduce MY VERY FIRST CONTEST!!!

1. April - I'm thinking a visit to my family in Tennessee is long overdue. There's a lot of peeps there that the hubby hasn't met yet who I KNOW he will love and who will LOVE him in return. AND there's nothing like the calm you feel when you cross into Kentucky. I heart the South.

2. May - I dream of warm weekends in Chicago so I'm trying to recruit my bro and sis-in-law to accompany us on a long weekend in the city. Ok, lets not kid ourselves, its the buckets of liquor at Howl at the Moon that make me long for the Windy City.

3. May, June, July and August - I ACHE to camp. While I enjoy getting all dolled up and going to a nice dinner in the city, I also cannot deny my affinity for beer, bonfires and tent lovin.

4. October - Being that I do not need to break a sweat and come home looking like a lobster to consider a trip a "vacation," we are considering a cruise up the east coast in October with a couple friends. The one we've decided on is a New England/Canada cruise leaving from NYC and stopping at Boston, Portland, Halifax and St.John. Because whats better than fall colors, late nights with friends and sea sickness? I'll tell ya... NOTHING!

And from this comes a STINKIN CONTEST!!! Tell your friends!!! No seriously... I said TELL your friends... NOW. I know it creates competition for you but if you think you're so awesome that shouldn't be a problem should it? (Sorry... the 6th grade catty girl just came out aka Personality numero dos).

I'm someone who associates music with EVERY instance in her life. So I need a SOUNDTRACK to my adventures people!! (I know, I know... can you believe how fun this is?!) I'm looking for a playlist of three songs for each adventure - there's four of them, count them, four of them. So four times 3 is 12. To be clear:

1.) April (Tennessee) = 3 songs
2.) May (Chicago) = 3 songs
3.) May, June, July, August (Camping) = 3 songs
4.) October (Cruise up the east coast) = 3 songs

If you insist on sending more I won't be sad. And what the F do you WIN?! You win a STINKIN awesome gift basket representing each of the 4 vacations I'm taking (valued at $50) and pictures of me and my counterparts rockin out to your soundtrack in action of course!

SA-WEEET! I double-dog dare you to take on the challenge! And speaking of dares... and contests... and winning sweet stuff... enter Insatiable's contest too!

To give you time to get the creative juices flowing I won't close out the contest until Monday of next week. I'll listen to the songs throughout the week and name a winner on Friday. So peace out girl scouts. Get to contesting!


  1. Oh I've got this shit IN THE BAG. :) You just wait. :)

  2. Bring it... (no seriously... BRING IT)

  3. Oh gosh. I barely have time to wipe my butt after I use the bathroom, let alone have the time to think of awesome songs to have you rock out too! AHH! I will try.

  4. Well Smart Ass thinks that she has this shiz done; however, I must stake a claim that she'll be havin her white flag a waving sooner than later!! GIRLZ...It's BEEN BROUGHTEN!!!!

    (I am now doing my cheer dance with spirit pole and jazz fingers!)

    Tennessee Trip Tunes

    1. Tennesse - Arrested Development
    2. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    3. Thank God Im a Country Boy - John Denver may be thinkin...WTF is she thinkin..but I know damn well that you my friend (like I) know every word to these songs...I grew up in Corbin, KY so I know that feelin when you pass the borders and feel blue grass in your blood!

  5. Chicago - Cha Cha Cha

    1. You're the Inspiration - Chicago
    2. Bad Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce
    3. Southside - Common ft. Kanye

    and if you are a Kanye hater

    3b. We Ride - Jay Z
    3c. Go Go Gadget Flow - Lupe Fiasco

  6. Into the Woods...- Camping

    1. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
    2. No Rain - Blind Melon
    3. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd

  7. Cruisin... October...(and Im focusing on Canada)

    Mellow Yellow
    1. Bobcaygeon - The Tragically Hip (well anything from the Hip)
    2. The Girl - Dallas Green (from Alexis On Fire -- and anything from his solo albums)
    3. Heart of Gold - Neil Young


    1. Informer - Snow
    2. I'm Alive - Swollen Members Ft. Nelly Furtado
    3. Crabbucket - K-Os

    Rebel without a Clue...of where you're goin...

    1. River Below - Billy Talent
    2. Paralyzer - Finger 11
    3. Sk8ter Boi - Avril Lavigne

    lol...that was just for the hell of the Olympics..

    seriously...girl I betta be winning and I want a copy of these rad mixes when you make them!!! if you need more tunes let me brother in law is also a musician you can check out his myspace if you have it Brandon Pascoa or Aitch (his band) or you can try Walk off the Earth (really rad ska/punk band that my friend is in)...super great travelling music.. again on myspace.




  8. I am Aries and competitive, but feeling sorta free on this one, because I don't really know ya, but music is very personal and I find that just listing the songs doesn't cut it. You have to actually hear them and the order does matter. So, now I am racking my brain on how to choose the songs, pick the order, and get it to you all by Friday. Hmmmmmmmm.

  9. I wouldn't dare enter this contest... I thought I knew music but I think The insatiable Host has me beat... BTW I love this post and it made me laugh this Tuesday morning:)

  10. Suck it, ladies!!

    1. Watermelon Crawl- Tracy Byrd
    2. Southern Cross- Crosby, Stills, Nash
    3. Whipping Post- Allman Brothers Band
    amy- pure prairie league
    freebird- lynryd skynard
    c jam blues- oscar peterson
    spirit in the sky - norman greenbaum

    1. My Chick Bad- Ludacris
    2. This Is How We Do It- Montell Jordan
    3. Go Getta- Young Jeezy feat RKelly
    what up, whats haapnin- TI
    swing- Savage
    One more time- daft punk
    sex on fire OR molly's chambers- kings of leon

    1. Any Creedance Clearwater Rivival song
    2. Wild Night- Van Morrison
    3. Riders On The Storm- Doors
    any Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz song
    brass monkey- beastie boys
    dusty- kings of leon

    1. Big Pimpin- Jay Z
    2. Fans or Ragoo- Kings of Leon
    3. Mercy- Duffy
    honky tonk women- rolling stones
    anything by Eric Hutchinson
    santa monica- everclear
    my own worst enemy- lit
    time to pretend, electric feel, or youth- MGMT
    hot mess- cobra starship

    For the rest of you- you may as well not even try. Sorry Insatiable Host- my list kicks more ass even though you took my Neil Young song. WHATEVER.

  11. I always like to be introduced to new music so I thought I would join this contest
    Here goes:
    Grace Potter-Nothing but the water
    Donna The Buffalo-Blue Skies
    Red Hot Chili Peppers-Backwoods

    Santogold:The Creator
    Regina Spektor:Music Box
    Fergie:Labels and Love

    Emily Wells-Symphony 9 and Sunshine
    Ryan Montbleau Band-Eggs
    G Love and Special Sauce- Lemonade

    New England:
    Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong-Autumn in NY
    John Coltrane-Autumn Serenade
    Audery Hepburn-Moon River

    Enjoy and have a great time on your travels:)

  12. I cannot tell you guys how pumped I am to listen to your suggestions. My goal is to download them all and listen over the weekend. Little known fact: Music is my WORLD. Like I already have the song picked out that I want played at my funeral. Hello morbid nice to meet you? So thanks for playing guys - keep it comin!

  13. As I said in my previous posting, a listing of songs just DOES NOT cut it. They have to be listened to in order to be appreciated. I created a playlist on project playlist called Road Trip Songs. I am sending you the log in and password on your email address. Please comment me on my blog and/or email to let me know that you got the info and were able to access the site. Enjoy...