Monday, March 1, 2010


Alright so.... I've spent some time doing some HARD CORE blog reading the last few days. What can I say, when my world gets crazy I like to dive into yours... is that creepy? Get over it because I don't stay there. I move on to vodka and sprite rather quickly and well, I forget the night before. You could say you guys are my stress-induced one-night-blog-stands.... But I'll make you breakfast one of these days I swear.

ANYWHOOZLE (<-- there it is again and I SWEAR I don't use this in real life. And I know, I know, you probably wish I didn't use it in blogland but I do so deal!) I've come across some frickin-fantastic blogs lately and have also joined a couple of groups like a real actual blogger. See them right ovah heah----------------------------------------------------------------->
Oh and there's a couple I'm too idiotic and lazy to grab a badge for but I'll promote sooner than later.

Go ahead, tap into your inner-middle-aged-sexiness and watch this to get in the mood for the next part of the post...

So here we go ladies and gents... now presenting (sang to the tune of Sex Bomb) "Link Love, Link Love... Givin Link Love" I'm gonna go ahead and slap on the gold chains and alligator print shoes and pimp the shiz out of some of you. Warning: You might be sore in the morning...

First we have...

Chunky Monkey - This fellow Michigander cracks me up with her hilarious observations and her affinity for all things handmade with Etsy Saturdays. Love love love...

The Insatiable Host - Because... well... just go read it. Her themed posts are nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G with such topics as WTF Wednesdays how can you not suck her face?

And last but certainly not least, my newest favorite (new as in I found her within the last 15 minutes and in an act of haste might have come onto her a bit too strong but I took the "No guts, no glory" approach"). I present to you.............. drumroll...............

Sara's Organized Chaos - Cute name right? Nice, cute picture right? Ummm... read further because I thought I had a sailor's mouth and this lovely made MY jaw hit the floor. Like she might even make my husband blush. Profanity+Pearls just might = my new fav. I beg of you, nay, IMPLORE you, to check her out.

And p.s. I might not have used IMPLORE in its correct context but that sweet ass word just popped into my head and I'm okay with it.

So check them out. This Big Pimpin business is pretty exhausting. Going to drink some pimp juice and hit the hiz-ay for shiz-ayyyy! Later!


  1. Yay bitchy! I sparkle heart love you and your anywhoozle word. Because mine? Is Anyhoodle. And I do use it in real life. It's ok girl, at least you didn't grab my ass and shove a $5 down my tits (true story- just two Saturdays ago. This married mommy of two still has it god damn it!!).

    And I make everybody's husbands blush. I have a very thin filter, often ask inappropriate questions and will blurt out just about anything. My tits and mouth are what brings boys to the yard. ;)

  2. And the love just grows and grows and grows...

  3. I have actually taken the word anywhoozle under my wing and intend on spreading it tither and, wait and will be everywhere in a few months. It's a great word.