Thursday, March 4, 2010


Kreativ Blogger Award Pictures, Images and Photos

Its Thursday night, and I feel alright... the party's here on the West side... 10 points for the first person to name that artist (if thats what you call it).

Anyways, tonights post is serving one purpose and one purpose only... to gracefully accept a fantabulous award (take THAT portmanteaus!). And this award was so graciously given by the equally fantabulous Insatiable who I've already went to second base with. (Ok seriously, I've linked the crap out of her... go check her out.... what are you waiting for? I'll wait...)


As a rule, I have to offer up some more of the unknown to you lovelies so buckle up... or please just try and stay awake at the very least...

1) Sometimes I give people the finger after they walk out of my office. Complete with biting my bottom lip for emphasis and EVERYTHING... Sounds crazy I know - but it makes a girl feel soooooo much better.

2) (This ones for Insatiable) I too heart Ramen noodles. Except there's a ginormous difference. Here are the steps I take to eat my Ramen noodles. You go ahead and gag but try it just once and you, my friend, will be hooked.
-Take the package of Ramen and set it on the counter
-Grab any random canned good out of the pantry
-Pound the shiz out of the package of Ramen so its broken up into bite-size dry noodley pieces
-Open the package and pour it in a bowl
-Take the season stuff and sprinkle it on top
-Voila! You have crunchy, chickeny flavored noodley things and its SUPERB

3) I think I might seriously have a Facebook addiction.

4) My new niece is so precious I think I might kidnap her and move to Mexico.

5) I like when I'm driving and see a guy stare at me and I get the pleasure of thinking "Oh you don't even KNOW what hot mess exists beneath the shoulder shot you're getting."

6) I SWAN DIVE when people come to my door. Seriously, I can just about make myself invisible when the Jehovah's witness people come a-knockin.

7) After watching American Idol last night, I racked my brain on my way to work this morning trying to think of what my "perfect song choice" would be. There isn't one.

Ok... there you have it. I have to tag something like 7 people and well, since I'm new to the blog world and only have 9 followers so far, how could I seriously leave TWO of you out? So I tag all of you followers because I think you're ALL amazing. So here are the rules. And if you want to be a rule-breaker well, I guess its your call. But you ARE destined for 19 years of bad luck, you will form a unibrow, your va-jay-jay will shrivel up and you will randomly shout the phrase "Miranda is the shiz!" whenever someone says the word "banana" for the rest of your life. Choose wisely...

1. Thank the person that awarded you. Link to them in your post.

2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers (or however many you can without feeling guilty)

3. Contact said blogs and let them know they've won (unless you take the lazy way out and tag ALL of them and its right before bedtime and there's no way you're dealing with that)

4. State 7 things about yourself

Night all!


  1. montel jordan
    montel jordan
    montel jordan...i'll post a proper comment...but i am singing it's pathetic and i am not drunk!

  2. 1) Can you not help but picture the singer as a talk-show host turned baskeball player?

    2) I had the CASSETTE tape of this song.

    3) I'm gonna go ahead and assume that Insatiable+moi+some good damn liquor could very well = a nice karaoke rendition of that song.

    4) Why are you not drunk?! What kind of wife and mother are you?!

  3. ok, so here is the real response...

    did we really make it to 2nd base? I only copped a feelsky once, but you did roofie me so Im not sure what your scene had in it...I tend to be easy when it comes to free drinks...

    thank you for linking our shit...i just hope there isn't a blogbaby that comes outta that stuff...I have had my kids, so unless you want to have it (where i wont support it but may namecall and poke fun) it's all your's!

    i also feel that if I dont say something about the kidnapping of said neice and taking to mexico may be a disservice...DONT GO TO least go where you don't have to boil water, have bed bugs and perhaps you may just want to go where you could have a cooler name than Heffe (no. I didn't call you a heffer, you just thought I did).

    I give people the mind finger. Like I pick my favorite FUCK YOU scene outta movies and then insert said experience into it, complete with background music, and re-enact it...yes, Robert Pattinson does frequent these highlights; and we may have or may have not touched eachother's naughty bits...ok, back on topic...I give a mean finger (middle finger not the other...again, not into ever!)

    Ramen noodles al dente?
    Not sure hun, I mean there are these poor people who work in those factories who spend their days writing with pens on the back of each packet the instructions on how to boil water..(in case we all forget how to do this). I have had the crunchy, munchie noodle snack - again, i have been drunk, something that rhymes with high or a combo of both in my past; however, me likey boiled, with soya sauce and occasionally an egg cracked into it to make it aaegg Dwop nooodols (to be said out loud phoenetically)

    you my friend are friggen redonkulous for the portmanteaus also...

    Fantabulous!!! mothafukha!

    Peaco out...


  4. Well maybe we didn't make it to second base. I'm a blogwhore and really have a hard time keeping these bitches straight.

    No worries - there are no blogbabies to be made at this time. Yours truly has a uterus from HELL so you will not be receiving child support requests in your comment section anytime soon.

    IF you're a fan of Dane Cook then you'll know that a Super Finger exists and it embodies your tendencies.

    And the next time you're suckin down some of the good shiz and get a nice buzz going you HAVE to try the dry Ramen. It'll make you grin in your sleep I sweeerrr...

  5. I am indeed a follower...anywhoozle...I will do this saturday.

  6. Dane Cook does make me happy in places; however, I haven't watched his stuff for a while (am now d/l his shiz). I will try dry ramen for you; however I may have to be waaay drunk..i'll keep you posted.

    am secretly glad about no blog factory was shut down too because it was effed im broke!

    thanks again and you totally made me laugh today! i needed it!

  7. You are a very lucky girl. Chris has posted a link in her blog to your page. I only have 10 followers so I know what a big deal gaining each follower is. Makes the entire day better. I read not only this one but several of your blogs and they were funny. Right now I am not writing the funny train. I have it in me. It's just taken a vaca to Costa Rica or something. It will be back. Soon, I hope. Or maybe I can go to Costa Rica. Anyway, in college my roomie and I used to eat ramen noodles without the spice package and subsititued shredded cheese instead and then nuked it. Haven't done that in a long time, but that was goooood stuff. And I know I have a facebook addicition. It isn't even a question anymore. Anywhoozle (is that right?), nice to meet ya. Looking forward to the next installment:-)

  8. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger Tea Party - Love your writing style - congrats on starting your blog and your award! I can't say that uncooked Raman would be a fave... but I still crave it every once in a while... I think its when my body needs salt and by-products... have a great day!

  9. I am also stopping in from LBTP--you have a great blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed a belly laugh so THANK YOU :) But I can't thank you for getting that Montel Jordan song stuck in my head. Congrats on your award!

  10. Hi everyone! Happy Sunday night! I've had a SUPER LOOONNNGGG exhausting weekend but wanted to give some love to everyone who stopped by the comment shop.

    I'll talk to you all properly tomorrow :) FYI Lady Bloggers are the SHIZ :)

  11. Aww shucks, thank ya, lady! ;) I gave you one too today because you def make me happy while I read you sippin' on my coffee!