Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry I've been absent but after I virtually partied my ass off on Sara's birthday, my creative juices have gone on vacation.  A quick reminder before we contine:  THE CONTEST ENDS AT 12am THIS MONDAY ...  So if you haven't entered... get your ass in gear and participate!

So not only have I been a blog slacker (blacker?  slogger? hmmm...) but I've pretty much been a LIFE slacker.  I actually committed the cardinal sin of exercising and hung clothes on my treadmill last week.  I considered selling the elliptical on Craigslist, I had McDonalds for the first time since January 1st and I have generally sucked at being healthy all around.  Not my proudest moment. 

After reading this beotch's post this morning it got me thinking about how good I feel when I've got my head on the outside of my ass and make good choices, whether it's food selection, working out, prioritizing, budgeting, cooking, etc.  Sometimes I just want to take a week off, lay on the couch in my pink snuggie (yes its true) and fall off the wagon.  Well, I didn't get to chillax on the couch in my snuggie but I definitely fell off said wagon in many other instances. 

*Sigh* So I'm making a conscious decision to knock it off.  To stop feeling sorry for myself, and to start doing the things again that make me feel good and successful in my two most important roles: wife and personal advocate to this sweet ass chick named Miranda (thats ME for those of you who only know me as that Ink on My Sleeve blog lady...)  Today I buzzed around my house cleaning, doing laundry, sorting through the dreaded stack of mail, planning my meals for the week and going grocery shopping.  I felt like an actual functioning human being for the first time since I slipped into this haze I've been in. 

Which means this week I've got no reason not to eat healthy, stress about money (because lets face it - it is what it is), wear socks I don't like because they're the only ones clean or feel like my house is a mess.  I should be feeling pretty kick ass right?  Well.... I don't.  I'm in a funk but I'm determined to pull myself out of it.  I'm also going to make some hard decisions this week - like maybe schedule a much needed doctor appointment, finally schedule my root canal, research psychiatrists (because as much as I love my blog outlet, I need another one where I can talk through some of the things that are bringing me down), put in for timeoff for the Tennessee trip and inquire about a possible job opportunity. 

I guess there's a lot looming in the week ahead so thats probably why I'm not feeling all that kick arse.  Sooo... whats a girl to do when she's lacking motivation (besides consuming hard liquor or dropping $100 at Target)?  MAKE A LIST OF COURSE! 

- My husband's a pretty awesome guy so I should probably step back up to the plate on the whole "wife" bit
- I'm not getting in shape by sippin on a Shamrock shake
- Those upcoming vacations will be much more fun if I'd get myself in gear
- Due to crazy circumstances (a WHOLE other post) my wedding day wasn't exactly everything I dreamed of (aside from the dude at the end of the aisle who told me he whispered to me that he had to poop.  THAT my friends, is what dreams are made of).  Anyway the hubby and I are both standing in his brothers wedding in September and get to walk down the aisle together - I want to look smokin when he sees me.
- Ummm... life is short so why the hell slack my way through it?  DUH YOU IDIOT SELF!
- There have been too many 'negatives' in my life that I've had no control over.  Its time to start taking control of the aspects I CAN control.
- I've got a class reunion in a couple years and want everyone's first impression to be "Is THAT Miranda?!" in a really really really good 'take THAT bitches!' kind of way.

So there's some good solid motivation.  I've got a lot of work to do so I better rest up.  Night loves!  (P.S.  I've been listening to some of your submissions to the CONTEST and you guys are making this hard on me.  If you haven't entered yet DO IT!)


  1. You know yourself better than anyone else. The only thing I have to contribute to this is on the psychiatrist thing. Get a psychiastrist if you want someone to prescribe you meds. Get a physchologist if you want someone to talk to about your stuff. You may end up with both before it's all done. A lot of psychiatrists really don't listen they just write scripts. That's a for what it's worth... Either way, do whatever you have to do to get to feeling better:-)

  2. reunion is this August. And I feel like carrying a paper bag around with me in case I get the random hyperventilating going. Like now. Now would be a good time to have a bag..


    I think you'll feel better once you crown me your winner of the contest.

    Just sayin.

  3. Way to go for acknowledging the things you want to change/do better at. Many people can't even do that!

    Would you like me to be your cheerleader? :)

  4. If you have a process map as to how to remove one's ass from one's head please advise.

    Also, while you are crowning Sara as runner-up I am hoping for the WINNER's magic wand to be waved and 3 wishes granted by the blue genie...